Welcome To DIY Computers

The repair, assembly and upgrade of personal computers can appear daunting to the beginner but repairing your computer yourself can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. D.I.Y. Computers explains in plain english the mysterious inner workings of the IBM compatible computer and places the know how to build, maintain and upgrade PC’s within the reach of any competent computer user. Whether your a hobbyist or IT professional D.I.Y. Computers aims to take the hard work out of hardware so you can Do It Yourself!

Among the topics covered on this site we shall take a look at the basic construction of a PC and examine the most common components found inside and what they do. We shall walk through the assembly of some new PC’s and look at the pitfalls and traps of upgrading an older machine. Troubleshooting and repair of a machine that is not working is also discussed and we take a look at the steps taken to identify faulty components.

Its recommended that if you are planning on building your first computer that you start in the Hardware Basics section. It will provide fundamental principles that will be of great benefit in the later sections that cover machine construction and repair. If you find this site helpful please don’t hesitate to bookmark it for future reference.